Quit For Life® Tobacco Cessation

The Quit For Life tobacco cessation program covers any type of tobacco, lets you talk with a quit coach for encouragement and support, and offers a personalized plan to quit. Here's a look at what you get:

  • In-depth assessment and personalized cessation plans, with medication support recommendations.
  • Up to four proactive, one-on-one counseling calls, plus unlimited calls to our program clinicians.
  • Quit For Life participant toolkit – Quit Guide.
  • Helpful toolkit for family and friends – Ally Guide.
  • Access to our Text2Quit tool.
  • Dedicated website for Quit For Life information, a chat function and learning modules.

To get started with the program log in or register. Click on the Wellness Center tab, where you will be directed to information about tobacco cessation.

Please note: You get a $100 gift card for completion of EITHER the Quit For Life tobacco cessation program or the Health Coaching program. You can enroll in both programs; however, only one $100 gift card is available per calendar year.

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