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Craving to Quit® Tobacco Cessation

You know you'll feel better if you stop smoking, dipping or vaping. You don't have to do it alone.

The Craving to Quit program will teach you how. It covers any type of tobacco – the plan is based on you and your needs. You get a quit coach for support. Here's what else you'll get:

  • In-depth assessment and crafted plans, with medication support
  • Website for information, chat and modules
  • Step-by-step behavior change
  • Real-time exercises for acute desires
  • In-app connection
  • Online group
  • Video chats with experts each week
  • Timed reminders and push alerts

The 21-day program teaches awareness of cravings and habits to help you quit. Whether you smoke, dip or vape. And get a $100 gift card when you complete the program with a coach.

To start, log in or register.

Go to the Wellness Center tab, where you can get information about how to quit.

Please note: You get a $100 gift card for completion of EITHER the Craving to Quit tobacco cessation program or the Health Coaching program. You can enroll in both programs; however, only one $100 gift card is available per calendar year.